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Stat Tiles

Pickup answers the question:  Which outlets/Twitter handles picked up the full text-posting of my news release?

  • Total pickup:  Defined as all relevant media placements and influencer interaction around your content, consisting of either exact match pickup from the online media that we monitor and Tweets that include your release.
    • Exact matches are full text posting of the press release in the online media that we monitor.
    • Terminals are screenshots captured from private media terminals or sites without an available web link.
    • Earned Media are organic pickups that originate from your press release that are manually curated and added by the APAC CS team.
    • Tweets in Visibility Reports are those tweets/retweets discovered on Twitter by our reporting spiders, which contain a link to your release on our PR Newswire or CNW websites.
  • Average potential audienceThis number refers to the potential number of viewers exposed to your total pickup. Average potential audience is calculated by adding up audience and follower numbers of all postings (each site is included only once) and dividing by the total number of pickups:  
    • For online sites – the average number of visitors (obtained from audience data providers) that frequent each online site that has posted your news. Visibility Reports utilizes data from the following sources:
      • Siteworthtraffic, an internet analytics company that provides site audience in a visitors/month format.
      • Cision Digital Reach*, a proprietary methodology created by Cision to measure the reach of online media outlets that post our news. Reported in a visitors/month format. In most places, this will have been replaced by SimilarWeb as of April 25, 2020. 
      • SimilarWeb*: SimilarWeb provides metrics for Unique Monthly Visitors from desktop and mobile users. This data is updated monthly.
      • Alexa, an American web traffic analysis company.
    • For tweets – the number of followers for each Twitter handle that tweets or retweets your release (obtained from Twitter).

* As of April 25, 2020 PR Newswire replaced Cision Digital Reach with a 3rd party data provider and industry leader: SimilarWeb. Customers should expect an overall change in Total Potential Audience with this change. Some outlets will be displaying a drop in Potential Audience while others may increase. While Cision Digital Reach included reach data that only included UVPM, SimilarWeb is purely based on Unique Visitors per Month (UVPM) for both desktop and mobile users. The benefits of this replacement include improved timeliness, accuracy and transparency of data. Most outlets will be updated the first week of each month.


Total Pickup Over Time

See all pickup broken out by day since your content was distributed.

Total Pickup by Source Type and Industry

See a breakout of the type of outlet that picked up your release -- whether it be broadcast media, newspapers, Twitter, news and information services, trade pubs or other.

See also a breakdown of these outlets by industry.

Exact Match Pickup

Exact matches are full text posting of your press release in the online media that we monitor.

  • Click the "View all Exact Match Pickup" to see the comprehensive list of sites that picked up the full text of your press release, including social media. 
Screenshots of Pickup

Screenshots of your pickup will be provided wherever possible, primarily Asia-Pacific based media outlets at this time. To view screenshots, click on the screenshot hyperlink/image icon located with the outlet information of the pickup.

To export a report that includes screenshots, go to Export Menu on Pickup tab and choose “PDF All Screenshots” 


Terminals are screenshots captured from private media terminals or sites without an available web link.

  • If your terminals pickup numbers more than 10, click on "View all Terminals" to see complete list. 
Guaranteed Paid Placement

Guaranteed Paid Placement, powered by Nativo, expands the reach and visibility of your release by creating a native advertisement that displays on premium publisher sites and gathers impressions. The native advertisement links to the press release in a native article format within the publisher’s site. 


  • Native advertisement: A native advertisement (or ad-unit) is created using the press release headline and an image or video and fits seamlessly into a publisher’s news feed by matching the visual design and function of the website.
  • Impressions*: The number of times users open a website and the native advertisement is visible on the page. An impression is logged even if the placement isn’t clicked on.
  • Native Article: The press release matched to the look and feel of the publisher site, fully integrated and consumed onsite for the least disruptive user experience. Native Articles are the most effective form of native advertising and are only available from Nativo.


*How are impressions calculated? 

Nativo provides all impressions coming from desktop and mobile devices. Impressions are used as a billable unit of measure for each native ad unit served, which is how the impression levels in packages are guaranteed. The native advertisement runs on the sites in the selected package for 1 week until all the guaranteed impressions are gathered. After 7 days, your report will display screenshots of the native article on each website to serve as proof of placement on these premium sites. 


Proof of Placement

Screenshots of the native article on each website serve as proof of placement on these premium sites. Please note: Screenshots will be available 7 days after the campaign ends.


Here you can see complete information on all tweets and retweets that mention the PR Newswire version of your release, in addition to the estimated total number of followers for each Twitter handle.

We will always display only your first eight tweets by default.  To view all your tweets, click the "View all Tweets" box at the bottom of the Twitter display.


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